Saturday, February 11, 2012

today was quiet. slept in with the baby. drank coffee, ate toast. played puzzles with S. Got 2 hours of time with the little man while J and S ran errands, we napped, nursed, snuggled. had an awesome cup of chai. roasted sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, asparagus and onion to eat with a roasted chicken. baked chocolate chip biscuits for dessert. watched the snow fall. caught a cooking show. J finished the downstairs carpeting. there is such sweetness to be had it the simple days. i had planned to go out and run errands, and to go to a diapering event but vetoed it. it was so nice to stay in and have that be the only plans for the day. i can't remember the last time i made a nice saturday dinner. and i am even planning a nice dinner for tomorrow. the weeks can be so hard when i am stuck inside the house with the kids and we are irritating each other. but then when we choose to stay in and just enjoy it and are present, it's so so wonderful.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh! Hello!

Hello blog that I completely forgot about! You are still lovely and I hope to give you the much needed attention you deserve. I could probably hack out a post right now with the baby passed out in my lap and S watching a movie but what to say?

A lot has changed in the year since I've been here.
A brand new baby boy came into our world in August 2011. My daughter turned 4. 4!!! DH and I have been together for 8 years.
My parents moved out of state. For the first time ever in my life they aren't a quick car ride away.
I've showed myself I'm stronger and braver and smarter and more able than I ever gave myself credit for.

Maybe that much hasn't changed? shrug. My thoughts aren't that organized right now. I hope to come back.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm a blogging slacker. seriously. I have lots to write and to say but for the most part I have a 3yo that pries my computer out of my hands most of the time.

We started a no tech Tuesdays along with no spend January this month. so far both are going well. our no tech just means that after J gets home from work, no computers, tv, phones etc are allowed. I wanted to do it during the day but I'm a facebook junkie (I should just delete it) and our tv is our source of radio through Pandora. It's quite nice to have such quiet at night but made me feel so sad that we actually had to make it a rule. Once mild weather rolls around tv/tech isn't a big issue but with winter it seems like we are parked in front of the tv way too much at night.

No spend January is also pretty good, we've made a few flubs but it's more due to not including them in the rules. We are just going easy on it, no new stuff basically just no new useless things that are clutter are allowed. We obviously allow food, soap, gas for the Jeep and bills but if we absolutely HAVE to buy something it has to be thrifted. Which is good because S suddenly seemed to outgrow her snow pants and I found an awesome LL Bean pair for $6 at a kids consignment shop. What's even better is that with no spending and some Christmas money we will be further ahead this month than we've been (sadly) in a long time. I think we are most likely going to extend and do a Frugal February and a No Madness March ;) I'd like to push for the whole year but I know it's probably not completely feasible since there are some things coming up that will require money. But hopefully we can work those into account and avoid all other spending.

I haven't been to the gym in ummm for freakin' ever. I pulled my neck really really badly and basically at this point am just getting back to feeling normal. I need to go and just walk on the treadmill but it's so lame to do that. I'm on a no running order from my Chiro who thinks that my cold and the impact of running on my spine is what caused it. I keep telling myself I'll go but I haven't and I HATE paying for it every month and not use it. So yes I need to go back. and no I can't get out of the contract, it would cost a bit more than we could swing.

I need to go finish up dinner. here's hoping someone actually reads this.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

planning to do a real post soon.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I woke on Monday with a crick in my neck. All day long it improves, then I go to bed and when I wake up it's progressively worse. Today I can hardly turn my head right. I have a cold that just won't quit. I feel like my body is busy taking care of something else or healing elsewhere that the rest just ignored.

I picked back up on my running now that I can at least breathe out of my nose. I'm not certain if I'm going to go with a half marathon in May or if I just want to run the training plan. So far I'm up to running 4 miles, which to me is incredible...considering when I started at the gym back in August I was just walking, then barely running a mile, then 2 felt like death and now 4. I'd heard that the longer you run the easier it gets, and it's true. 4 seems a lot easier than 2 because I really get into my groove and breathing. Hopefully tonight I'll make it to the gym and run my 3.