Saturday, May 8, 2010

just about mother's day, just about my birthday.

I have a bouquet of pink roses, a lily plant and a huge pink plant that I don't know the name of, sitting next to me making our dining room smell divine.

I have morning glories and sunflowers growing that seem to have sprouted overnight from the hand of God. They are incredible! I will have to move them from their trays soon. They are spilling over, crawling up and out to grab onto any ray of sunlight they can.

My brother sent me a beautiful azalea plant for my birthday/mother's day. The UPS guy though didn't seem to care that it was a living plant and left it upside down outside in the rain. So when I opened it the poor plant was split in half but at least the other half is salvageable. Wonderfully enough the company he ordered it from is sending me a new one when I called to tell them I had in fact received half a plant. I cannot wait for it to be warm enough to plant them outside.

I have picked out all my plants for the house for the most part. A lot will depend on cost at time of buying, but I'm hoping to get in forsythias, lilacs, hostas, a japanese maple, and a few other various plants, trees, shrubs. Come fall I am going to plant as many daffodils, tulips and hyacinths as I can afford because I LOVE them all.

S has seemed to potty train herself overnight. Or at least she is finally using the potty, telling me she has to go and going. Which is wonderful because I've really just been lax about it, we've had a potty for her since her 1st birthday and she's used it on and off. But she's had a wicked rash this week from her molars so I thought I'd just let her go nudie booty and she has taken right to it! J and I are pretty surprised because the past few weeks she has been adamantly refusing to go anywhere near it! The second I stopped asking her to use it she went for it! I am just hoping it keeps up, I am so tired of washing diapers! Plus then if she's trained I can start turning all her bumgenius' into snap diapers just in case another little shows up ;)

I wish our weather would just pick a way it wants to be. Last week we were outside every day in summer clothes, I even set up S's kiddie splash pad it was so hot over the weekend. And now it's rainy, cold and I had to turn the heat back on. We are having crazy winds and thunderstorms, I can see out our window that our neighbors very large tree has fallen over in their yard. The birds are helter skelter trying to stay steady in the winds. The newly budded trees seem confused as more leaves depart than come forth. It's fall in the midst of spring.

I have more to say, just not right now. The house is quiet and I should take advantage of it by watching my Queen Elizabeth movie. or maybe Pride and Prejudice. with some tea.