Thursday, December 24, 2009

so i just revamped this whole thing...and i have no idea how to use blogger honestly. i haven't had a blog since xangaland and that was so ridiculously easy that anyone could figure it out. i don't know how to find people to follow or blogs to follow/read etc. of course i had a whole blog planned out in my head while i took a shower i wrote it in my head and now that i'm sitting down to write it i can't remember it. lame.
i shaved my legs for the first time in a couple of months tonight. it felt good and weird at the same time. it was also the first time i've showered without the kiddo in over a month is my guess. i'm not really sure but i think it's been that long! it's definitely hard being with my bug all the time but i am trying to treasure it as much it's frustrating.
i am not making coherent sentences as DH is talking to me and the tv is on.
I will try for another entry soon as I'm finding a bit more laptop time happening lately.


  1. usually bc SG showers with me and that's just not possible. plus it's cold out! haha keeps me warm :)