Sunday, March 7, 2010

I need to write a blog entry. A real one not just a daybook entry once a week. I'm quite pathetic at keeping up with blogging. I love the idea of keeping one and reading others but when it comes down to it, I just don't do it! I think I just have a tough time getting all my ideas organized for a blog; like I want to write about 25 different things instead of one topic. But that would bother me. Or maybe it's because I don't want to put out into a public space some of my thoughts. I'm not really sure what it is that keeps me from holding back.

I have been working on all different crafty things. My good friend had her baby shower this past weekend and I made her 3 onesies; actually I made 4 but I didn't like how the fourth one turned out so I didn't give it to her. Two of them I did iron on decals, one a flower, the other an elephant. For the third I hand embroidered the baby's initial onto it with a few flowers. Very sweet and simple, then I bought matching pants for each onesies. I would have loved to make the pants too but I didn't give myself enough time to complete the projects. Worse of all, I forgot to take pictures of them! :(

For SG's room I am working on an embroidery piece with a mama big and a baby bird nesting on a branch under a starry moonlight sky. It's turning out so beautifully. I'm really pleased with the embroidery work I've been doing; it's encouraging when a new craft turns out to be so perfect for you. I've had nothing but fun coming up with ideas to embroider, and I like the fact that it's a revival hand craft. I've seen so many ideas that I would like to create as well, it's just printing them, drawing them or buying the material to do them. I am curious to find a way to frame the pieces I'm working on.

I have been absolutely itching to sew. I have a billion ideas but just no chance to do it.

I pray for peace everyday. I pray to find a way to be happy everyday. I want so badly to have my heart open to happiness. I want to find peace; peaceful peace within. In my household, in my relationships, in my marriage. Nothing is rocky or unstable but I feel like I am lacking the ability to feel that type of peacefulness I see in people I admire. I want more time with J. I pray that things will work out for him; that he will be able to be around more. That God will help our family find a way to be together more. That time won't be so impossible to come by. I want to be sure in my decisions. I want to be able to figure things out (do we ever?) I pray for joy and love daily.

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