Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sew what?

This past weekend I FINALLY was able to clear out a space and set up my sewing machine. I had so many ideas in my head of things I wanted to make but I'd yet to see if I could actually make any of them! Luckily my parents agreed to take the kiddo this weekend, DH wanted to play videogames and I got my time to sew!

So first I read this skirt waistband tutorial from The Mother Huddle and thought, "Hmm I bet even I can do that!" So I took one of SG's skirts, laid it down, measured it and cut it out from fabric from one of my old dresses.

It's not amazing but it's not bad for my first skirt that I've ever made. It gave me confidence to try another project, so I made a dress out of a tank top of SG's and some old dress fabric. It's probably my favorite thing I've sewn.

I also made SG's two pairs of sweater pants from DH's old sweaters that I'd been holding onto forever just so one day I could actually make these pants. Much easier than I thought, I just took a pair of her pants, folded them lengthwise and laid those on the sleeves and just cut along the crotch of the pants. I didn't even have to use elastic for the waist either, I just cut the bottom hem and made that the top of the pants. With her bulky cloth diapers they are the perfect fit :)

On Saturday I went out by myself (glorious!) to the bookstore and picked up a book on hand embroidery. Since I bought that I figured I'd better by the supplies :0) I will embarassingly admit that I did not understand the stitch directions AT ALL. But I think after finding a few good links/tutorials I realized that I was just reading it all wrong..oops. But I am almost completely done with my first project...2 birds on a pillowcase that I'm going to sew into a dress for the little miss.

All my craftin' is making me happy that I'm finally finding things I really enjoy doing! I do like knitting and crochet, but I am not patient enough to do it! I like that these projects are done quickly and easily!


  1. i've always wanted to make those. i suck at sewing. you should make and sell them on etsy so i can buy some cute little dresses and pants!!!! i'm so impressed!!!!

  2. Thanks Chelsea! I think I have a way to go before I'd be comfortable selling them to the masses :) I just really started sewing within the past yr and these are the first actual clothing items I've made. I'd love to make Grace some dresses for practice though! If you wanted to pick fabric and send me it I could see what I could do? For a dress I just need a tshirt or tank top and then fabric for the skirt. For a skirt just fabric :) I could also do pants if you wanted? They were so EASY!

  3. *and by fabric it can be anything you want/like. i used my old dresses bc i looooved the fabric but they had holes in them so i couldn't wear them anymore but they were the perfect weight for a skirt :)

  4. Love that little dress! Adorable...

  5. I love the little dresses! Incidentally, I own both of the grown-up dresses myself. (Well, the brown/cream/orange one is now a flowy shirt)....they both got me rather comfortably through my last pregnant summer!