Thursday, January 14, 2010

I had a blog planned, to talk about SG, and the way the sun was coming in the window glowing orange with purple sky. But I cannot ramble on about my life, when I am reading and thinking about the people in Haiti. I cannot imagine going through that, where everything around you just falls apart, everyone you know/love is injured or lost or hurt or dead. It's so easy to stay removed, as we sit in our houses, warm, safe, with food, water, and family. It's easy to just think about it and do nothing. But I don't want to do nothing, I just don't know how you do something when you aren't directly involved. I emailed DH a bunch of links of places to donate so hopefully we can pick a few and send something, we can't send a lot but we can send something. I asked him to ask his coworkers to donate, but I know he won't and that really bothers me.

For today I am grateful for my little, who has put a whole new light into my eyes about how to view the world.

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