Monday, November 1, 2010

today is the first day of nanowrimo. i signed up figuring it would be a great way to exercise some pent up mental needs, but i've never considered writing a novel. i think i'm more of a scattered poetry, scribbler. i figure i'll just start typing and see what happens.

i want to skip the gym this morning and just clean my house. i have a ridiculous pile of laundry to put away, how do 3 people accumulate so much? it was a little more understandable to have more laundry when we were cloth diapering but now it just feels a bit extreme. i've gotten rid of so much clothing but still i feel like it's too much. S has a criminal amount of clothing, and it's all very nice, but i can't help but ponder why an almost 3 year old has so many worldly possessions.

i want to rearrange furniture, scrub floors, tidy closets. Is that strange? i feel like a house is an overwhelming garden of weeds some days, that is just so tedious to maintain. I think about all the stuff we have, we could easily do without, but J has holding tendencies that makes getting rid of more difficult. While it's nice to have nice things, I definitely feel bogged down by it. With S's birthday and the holidays coming up, I dread the influx that will come into our house. I'd much rather she just received money towards college than any gifts.

Time for more coffee and cleaning.

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