Monday, February 8, 2010

Currently working on these little bitty stars to hang up in SG's room. They aren't so bad once you get started but each one takes me maybe 30min or so. I think, I'm trying not to watch the clock while I do them! I'm hoping to get some more fabric and make all different colors but this is what I had on hand from Valentine's day projects.

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  1. Hi, What lovely little stars, Being a full time Mother is hard work,and you are doing great,all a child wants to do is please their parents,to be close to them, to see them smile, A happy Mother means a happy child. Just try one day, of quiet, peaceful wanderings, speak in a quiet voice,have quiet in the house, no Tv or radio. Go for a walk (wrap up warm). Tell her stories before nap time. Hold her close. You are a great content and realize that "all is well" sometimes you might need to count to 3 and drop your shoulders (as these can become tense , when things get out of hand). Cheers and "Happy days" Marie