Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today was the first day I'd gotten out of the house in a week. A week!!!! Ugh!
Last Thursday SG was hit with the tummy flu, it honestly wasn't that bad compared to the last (only) time she'd had it. Maybe because this time around I knew what to do to keep her hydrated etc. But man oh man did J and I get it. I felt fine on Friday, a little run down but fine. Then I started to feel ill that afternoon and by the time he came home from work I was ready for bed. So he stayed with SG so I could rest. I ended up laying in bed, watching Weeds, going back and forth between tummy sick and other sick for quite some time. Poor SG wanted nothing more than to come sleep in mommy's bed either, and I felt so bad telling J to just tell her no that she had to sleep in her bed. But I just felt so sick I didn't want her in with me. But that didn't last. I was sick then she woke up and came into our bed. Thank You GOD (seriously!) she slept all night like a rock between the two of us who keep waking up every hour to get sick or with a fever or because it hurt to lay down. My poor poor J, I have never ever seen him get sick like that.
The next morning was hard because SG was feeling much much better and was running around, shrieking, jumping-normal two year old things. But I felt like (I'm sure J did too) that I had a blinding migraine, mixed with nausea, dizziness, weakness, joint pain. And a toddler was just rough to handle. But we did for most of the day. We all napped on and off; again thank You God for SG sleeping! But by 4 we knew we weren't going to be able to pull it off another night. My parents had offered to take her, but we said no because we didn't want them getting this bug! But we had to. So they picked her up for us (blessing!) and I slept from 4pm-11:30pm!!! I finally showered then went back to bed around 2am until 10am the next day.
I think if we hadn't had that night of deep deep sleep and rest we would have been done for. Then my parents offered to take her another night! It was truly wonderful of them and it really did help.
I felt bad that J had to go back to work on Monday while I slept more but what can you do?

But yes, today I got out of the house! It was fantastic. I don't think I've ever been happier to go to the mall :) We went to the carousel, had lunch, walked around, had a mrs. fields cookie-gah! It was so very nice to get out, to get dressed, to drive! Such daily things are so easily taken for granted.

I love little trips with SG. I love any little time with her that I can make silly or special or something simple that just makes her happy. Even if it means a big sugar cookie right before naptime! I love how observant she is, I love how she is constantly pulling me down to her level to show me the world through her eyes. I love the constant amazement at the things around her. The sparkling lights that make her gleeful or ballons or seeing other little kids. I am grateful for the lightness she brings to my heart.

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  1. Im happy you all are feeling better. We hope to be there soon aswell:)