Monday, April 12, 2010

I always have great ideas

about what to write for a blog...that is until I sit down to actually write it.

I find myself constantly writing lists in my head. Things to do, to make, to clean, to cook, to buy, to fix, things I want to write about! Oh mental black hole of forgetfulness you get the better of me sometimes.

I do know I wanted to talk about budgeting. and how crappy and hard it can be. Now that J has quit his second job, the need to budget is even that much more important. Our biggest budget battle is always groceries. One week I can spend $80 then the next $170 then $140 then $100. There is obviously no consistency. So last night I sat down with receipts and started writing out my usual grocery list, but with all the prices this time. I figure now when I go to write my list I can have a price for each item in mind so with every shopping list I can make sure I stay within budget and not get up to the cash out then panic when the cashier says the total. We also went to the farmers market this week and got the majority of our veggies for the week for only $13!

I am hoping every week to create a balance of supplies so that pricier items are spread out better as opposed to me always seeming to run out of them all at once.

Enough budget stuff.
This weekend was great. Busy but fantastic. I have to say I am reveling in the joy of actually having family time. It is very strange to suddenly have a spouse who is around. Things that get put off for when there was time are actually getting done. We have both been doing bedtime with the kiddo, which is amazing. I love all three of us cuddling into our bed, reading, snuggling and watching S fall asleep. All the things that I feel like I've been waiting for emotionally and mentally are happening. I feel really peaceful lately. Which is incredible for me because I'm so used to feeling restless and unsure. Off track here...getting back on...
so yes this weekend was amazing.
Saturday we woke up early to sunshine and decent cool weather (for us that's 40s) We ate some breakfast, bundled up and headed to the farmers market. S kept calling it the "farmers marker" so very cute. We saw some of our favorite farmers from last season there and they all looked like they were doing well. My FAVORITE guy was there with lots of beautiful goodies but by far the best was farm fresh eggs. He said they are hoping to have them 3 weeks of the month because it's only 3 chickens so it's just whatever they lay freely. They were the most beautiful eggs and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture to post. Browns, tans and two that are the most beautiful shade of pale blue almost grey. You just can't find that at a grocery store. It's not possible.
After we got our veggies we headed over to our bakery guy, I was so SO sad that he didn't have his amazing scones there but got over it when we saw a chocolate mousse layer cake for $5. which is so incredibly cheap for a huge cake :) So of course we HAD to get it ;)

We came home, took our dog for a walk then went to the park. Post park it was naptime for S so she and I laid down. Then J's dad and brother came down for a visit. His brother stayed overnight and I have to say I truly love that guy! He's just the perfect brother in law and S adores him. It was nice because J and I were able to cook and clean up etc while he watched S for us. Just having that extra person made it so ridiculously easy!
Sunday morning J made the MOST delicious breakfast; kebabs with eggs. I put feta and green onions on the top of the eggs....gah SO good. with pita and yogurt...probably the absolute perfect breakfast, at least for me!
After coffee and laying about for a bit after breakfast we got ready for the day and went up to the river to walk. It was absolutely beautiful up there, our dog loved it and S did ok for a bit. But then she wanted to walk, push the stroller, ride in the stroller rinse repeat so we decided it was time for her to eat some lunch. So we hopped back in the car, she ate her lunch on the way to park where we ran her ragged.
BIL went home and we all napped.

All in all the perfect weekend.


  1. the new layout is cute! I love reworking my blog..then after I do it I go to it 50 times a day just to see it. It's kinda sad really.
    I hate budgeting. Well let me rephrase that. I hate it & I love it. It's stressful to do it at the beginning of the month but when I get to the end if we've stuck to it & everything was paid on time I get this great sense of accomplishment.
    Food is our hardest item. I just always overbudget because you never know.