Sunday, April 18, 2010

I slept so long last night. Deep deep sleep with the babe, who really isn't a babe anymore but a toddler. We were curled up on her mattress (next to ours) and just zonked out around 9pm and slept until 7 this morning. I can't remember the last I slept so long and solid. It was much needed after this past week where I barely slept for more than 4-6 hour intervals.

It is so so cold out today, and rainy. What to do today?

Our house looks like the "Malcolm in the Middle" house currently. We have ripped up all the old bricks, pulled out all the nasty spider hoarding plants and are preparing to scrape down the house to paint it. But right now it just looks ridiculously bad. And of course our neighbors just put their house up for sale. It makes me laugh because honestly I would never buy a house if the neighbors looked like ours!
When we bought our house it was the only house we could find that really fit our budget comfortably and still put us in a really nice neighborhood, close to everything etc. But the people that lived here before us were disturbingly good at hiding all their laziness when it came to house keeping. So now we are playing fix up with just about everything.

We have painted all the rooms in the house except the living room...mainly because I have no idea what color to paint it. It needs to be done because it has marks on it and they were smokers so on warm days you can smell the stink come out. It just makes me mad how much they lied to us when we bought this house. But it's ours now and we have a ton of work to do on it.

This summer we need to paint the house, landscape the front and back yard, finish the back door, replace the side and front doors (heavy and screen), replace a handful of windows, paint the garage and rip up the last remaining carpet in the living room.

Now that S's bed is back in our room because putting it in her room was pointless, I am debating putting a good majority of her toys upstairs and out of our living room. I have a constant need to rearrange and move things in our house. I get so bored, frustrated, bogged down when the house is the same all the time. Frustrated I guess. But then I tell myself what's the point when she moves into her room all this stuff will come back downstairs. Although that actually happening anytime soon doesn't seem likely.

I went to the dentist for the first time in 13 years a few weeks ago. Of course they found a slew of bad teeth so just yesterday I went for my first session to get 3 fillings done. It wasn't awful honestly. I did have a panic attack when I got there because I didn't know what to expect but now that I do I feel like it's completely something feasible. So I have more fillings to get, then I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled. This I've heard hurts. But I know it has to get done. And I feel like I've learned my lesson. There is no reason to avoid the dentist what so ever, especially after having to put all this money into fixing my mouth, where if I had just gone all along I wouldn't have to! Plus I am looking forward to actually having my teeth be painfree. Crazy what we put up with because we just don't know any different. The pain I'd learned to live with and it was so easily fixed!

I think it's time for more coffee.


  1. Dave had his wisdom teeth out a few years ago, he said it was rough. But Judith just had a tooth pulled and she didn't complain at all. So I guess it's different for everyone.

  2. I remember having teeth pulled for my braces and they were bad because they were baby teeth. But my wisdom teeth are impacted :( so I'm scared! J said it's pretty rough too. I just have to schedule when he's home on vacation so I can at least sleep it off.