Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This morning

I am achy. Nothing makes me feel old more than an achy body. But the reasoning is's because I laid down with S for nap yesterday and instead of getting back up, I propped myself up so I could watch Weeds while she slept. Which put my back and neck in an awkward position and when we got up I must have pulled my neck and left shoulder. Pathetic! Last night she stayed in her twin bed until 4am so at least I have a long time to lay flat and somewhat stretch my back out. But it still makes me feel old.
It's not like a post workout pain, where at least I can rationalize it and almost feel proud that my workout was so good it hurt. It's just a you're getting old and things start to pull kind of hurt. Oh well.

It is a beautiful sunny morning. I am waiting for it to get up past 40 so I can hang some clothes out on the line. THE LINE! This is our second summer here and we finally got our line's perfect for our yard, small and retractable. I was hoping to get diapers out on the line but I needed them before I could let them sun dry. I am thinking I'll just lay out enough for today and put the rest out just to get some sun.

I have discovered that our big ol' boxer mix dog has been sleeping like a cat on the back our couch. Which makes me feel so frustrated considering I put up baby gates on the couch so she won't lay on the cushions, I guess that's just not enough!

Not much more to say. Going to hobble off to the library soon. How exciting.

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