Friday, April 9, 2010

Taking a note from Sarah at Wool and Sticks I don't have much to say but I will throw a list out.

*I just had such a great workout. So good I almost me that's a sign of a good workout.
*Said workout was needed because I made pizza for dinner and DH picked up doughnuts. Eeeeek!
*I feel so easily affected by the weather change. Last week I was happy boppy boppity bop all week long, and this week I've been tired and cranky. TO make it worse it's been lightly snowing here.
*We have massive, prehistoric spiders greeting us every single morning; from S's play kitchen. We had them SO badly last year, discovered they were living in our lillies, sprayed them down. We even have an exterminating company we are working with. ICK.
*DH quit his second job. It is the scariest yet greatest decision ever. I am terrified financially but having him home makes any scrimping/penny pinching completely worth it. He has basically missed most of S's live because he's been at work for 14 hours a day.
*It's weird to have him home.
*Tomorrow we are planning on the farmers marker in the morning. I LOOOOOVE our farmers market. With less money coming in, farmers markets are the perfect way to save on produce bills...especially because I drop serious money on fresh produce weekly. Plus it's a great excuse to wear S, because let's face it, most 2 yo want to run not be worn but she happily snugs in for the time we are there.
*My brother in law is also coming down tomorrow; next to Grammy he might be S's absolutely favorite person.
*I need to shower.

the end!


  1. Cory's thought about getting a second job but I'm just not willing to sacrifice our time with him. It would make things easier financially yes, but I don't think it'd be worth it. Yay for family time!!
    I'm so proud of you & inspired by your work out stamina & weight loss. I've done pretty well but the last few days have been rough. Like today I've had 6 oreos. I feel like I'm starting to lose hope because I hadn't lost anything in a week.
    Please tell me you had days like that.

  2. He had a 2nd job for 2 years. It's been a HUGE help financially but our relationship suffered for it. I wouldn't recommend unless there is just no other option. I hate money :( Family time is way more important.

    Thank you. I am just getting back in the swing of it. I really gave up around Christmas but somehow I didn't gain anything back. I had 2 doughnuts today lol so don't feel bad. I think there is no way to cut out all the goodies because at least for me I'd feel cheated and miserable.
    Don't give up. Just keep working at it. It's SOOOOOOO easy to gain weight and complete bitch to get it off.
    The only way I ever really loose anything-which I need to start doing-is to write down absolutely everything I eat and to measure. Otherwise I'm just stuffing my gob from dawn til dusk lol.